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Reservation Notice
  • Check-in time on weekdays: after 15:00;Check-out time: before 12:00
  • Check-in time on holidays: after 15:00;Check-out time: before 11:00
  • Please understand that the Hotel won’t inform the guests individually for room price change.
  • Definition of holidays: Saturday, national holidays (including the eve), long holidays (including the eve)
  • Definition of weekdays: Sunday to Friday
  • The Hotel accepts payment by JCB, VISA, Master credit card or by cash.
  • According to Provisions of Standard Contracts for Individual Travelers Booking Room issued by Tourism Bureau, the Hotel collects 100% of the order amount for the deposit for room booking (online) .
  • Please stay in accordance of the designated number of guests of the room. To have additional guests, please inform the Hotel in advance.
  • Children: More than 100cm tall, NT$700/person on weekdays and holidays, including breakfast (free for children under 100cm)
  • Please keep your valuable belongings safe. The Hotel does not take liabilities for any loss.
  • The Hotel provides parking space in limited numbers. It is an underground parking space on B1 through mechanical lift. The vehicle is limited to 180 cm high and 2 tons in maximum. If all the parking space is occupied, the Hotel will lead the guest to park in the nearby parking space or parking lot. The guest would have to pay for the parking fee by him/herself.
  • Each room type accepts limited number of guests. For example, a double room is limited for 2 guests. If the number of guests exceeds the room capacity during checking in, the Hotel has the right to refuse the checking in or ask for additional charge.
  • To respond to Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, no smoking in all areas of the Hotel (no smoking in the room).
  • No pets (except for guide dogs)
Cancellation policy
For those prepaying the total amount of the room price, according to the cancelation policy, the prepaid amount will be refunded by proportion:
  •  (1) 100% of the prepaid total room price will be refunded with the charge of $300 as service fee for cancelation in 3 days before the tentative check-in date.
  •  (2) 50% of the prepaid total room price will be refunded for cancelation in 1-2 days before the tentative check-in date.
  •  (3) No refund for cancelation on the tentative check-in date or failing to inform the Hotel for cancelation.

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